I want to sell my yacht - What should I do?

How can you sell your yacht?

Your yacht is undoubtedly one of your most valuable belongings. Therefore, you need to be sure that you find the right buyer at the best possible price as soon as possible.  Assigning Meltem Yachting as your agent will ensure the successful and timely sale of your yacht.

Selecting Central Agent

After deciding to sell your yacht, the first step is to agree and assign a yacht broker. A good yacht broker must have comprehensive market knowledge, market performance awareness, and provide accurate reports. It must access a worldwide broker database to offer your yacht. During the sales period, your broker will be available to manage all the details, including the establishment of a sales network between you, captain, and potential buyers, negotiation of prices with potential buyers, providing a demonstration of the yacht, providing assistance to the buyer in the survey and sea trial, if necessary, preparation of sales agreements and sales procedures.

Price Evaluation

Of course, a yacht owner will want to sell his/her yacht at the highest price. Meltem Yachting broker will not only tell what do you want to hear but will inform you about the price of your yacht in the global market with its full knowledge about the sales figures and list the sale after deciding on an agreed price. However, do not forget that each yacht is unique and have their own point of sale. Meltem Yachting will utilize all selling skills to sell your yacht for the maximum price by highlighting the most powerful characteristics of your yacht and listing them as the characteristics increasing the value of your yacht.

Introduction to the Sector

After being assigned as your representative, your Meltem Yachting broker will ensure that your yacht is marketed efficiently with accurate information and the best marketing materials. They will prepare a detailed informing file about your yacht based on the personal visits and information provided by the captain and crew. This file will emphasize all aspects of your yacht’s equipment and performance and the place of your yacht in the market. Your broker will then contact the customer willing to buy as well as the potential buyers in our extensive database. They will also communicate the yacht file to the trusty brokerage organizations known worldwide.


Meltem Yachting is engaged in traditional marketing activities and the innovative digital world, assuring the efficient marketing of your yacht. We will ensure maximum visibility at the forefront all the time, using the social media accounts actively. We will be in close collaboration with the trusty brokerage companies worldwide to reach the potential buyers for your yacht at the top level.


Once a buyer is found, your broker will guide you during the negotiation phase and ensure that all certificates are up-to-date before finalizing the purchase agreement, sea trial, and final certification procedures. Meltem Yachting brokers have an unmatched reputation in working honestly and have proven themselves with their top-level bargaining skills. They will ensure a professional sale.