Yacht Sale

2022 FERRETTI 780

In addition to the guest capacity of 9 people, there are two cabins that can accommodate 3 crew members. The sofa group on the front deck is equipped with a movable swimming platform, Hardtop, Fin Stabilizer.
4,500,000 €

2016 Azimut Magellano 66

The Magellano 66 comes to add pleasure to your trips with its functional interior design and staring appearance
1,850,000 €

2009 Ferretti Custom Line 97

Ferretti Custom Line 97 2009 Seasonal maintenance has been done and it is in very good condition. Stabilizer and all other equipment are in working condition.
3,900,000 €

2016 Sanlorenzo 92 SD

Sanlorenzo sd92, in which many elegant and new generation designs meet, provides a comfortable cruising pleasure with its Owner cabin and third control station in Maindeck.
5,200,000 €


AZIMUT 62 It has 3 wide cabins and 1 crew cabin.
685,000 €

2019 Monte Carlo 76

MCY 76 provides a lot of comfort with its comfortable and noble design.Generous lower deck equipments and double access to crew area . Together with that benefits,expanse flybridge with sunbeds and seating arrangemens.
3,100,000 €

2005 model Ferretti 590

Ferretti 590 which produced in 2005, offers a comfortable holiday opportunity with it's spacious saloon, 3 cabins and a cabin for 2 crew.
530,000 €

2017 Princess 52

The Princess 52, produced in 2017, is an excellent boat with 3 cabins and a 6-person bed capacity.
1,100,000 €


Very well maintained Feretti 700 with white hull and pleasant interior. 4 cabin layout 8 person accommodation capacity + aft crew cabin, hydraulic swimming platform.
1,350,000 €

2016 Canados 76

Are you ready for the amazing experience that the stunning Canados 76 will offer you?
1,650,000 €

2008 princess 62

well cared for princess 62 It has been maintained in 2022 and there is no equipment that is not working.
700,000 €

2008 Fairline Squadron 58 Fly

Very well looked after Fairline Squadron 65 and it has only 1270 engine hours.
1,400,000 €

2007 Sunseeker 82

2008 Azimut 62S , An outstanding example of Azimut's unique style and special attention to detail. The 2-cabin AZIMUT 62S is a limited edition open yacht which stands out for its top of the line features, maneuverability, roomy layout, and versatility.
610,000 €

2003 Italcraft 70 FB

2003 Italcraft 70 FB
475,000 €

2012 Ferretti 800

The magnificent beauty and fullness of the Ferretti 800. You will not realize how time flies with the features found in every square meter of the ultra-wide living space.
2,950,000 €

2011 Sunseeker 70

Very well maintained with its white body and gorgeous interior, the Sunseeker Manhattan 70 is definitely worth to see. It has 4 cabin layout with 8 guests capacity + aft crew cabin, hydraulic swimming platform with Stabilizer full option.
1,400,000 €

2011 Azimut 55

Azimut 55 is coming to add pleasure to your cruises! With its useful interior design and magnificent appearance, it meets with its new buyer.
650,000 €

2009 Sea Ray 475 Sundancer

Let the journey begin with the Sea Ray 475 in great condition, where you can have a pleasant time away from everything!
395,000 €

2014 Princess 88

The new 88 Motor Yacht epitomises everything that is Princess. She is powerful, agile and gracefully elegant and is ideally suited to long range cruising. This unique deep-V hull design utilises the very latest resin infusion technology so her performance and handling are both impeccable and efficient.Now it's time you to try Princess 88!
4,100,000 €

2001 Princess 56

Independently from the outside you can reach Fly from the inside of the boat. Enjoy daily comfort with Princess 58.
350,000 €

2007 Sunseeker 82

The magnificent beauty and fullness of the Sunseeker Manhattan 82. You will not realize how time flies with the features found in every square meter of the ultra-wide living space.
1,600,000 €

2003 - Azimut 85

The famous Italian design Azimut 85 offers you spacious living space and comfort together.
900,000 €

2006 Ferretti 550

Pioneer of her time 2006 Ferretti 550...It is still as magnificent as the first day, fully maintained and in perfect condition. It's your turn to have this pleasure with your family and friends.
530,000 €

2013 Ferretti 620

2013 Ferretti 620 with low engine hours, magnificent interior design
1,290,000 €

2021 Azimut Magellano 66

The magnificent Magellano 66 is one of the best examples of modern design. With its new generation touches, V body and equipment, you only have to enjoy it.
1,950,000 €

2000 Sunseeker Predator 74

The Sunseeker Predator 74 is in very nice condition. Periodic maintenance will be done before the season starts.
650,000 €

2018- Lagoon 620

Sail towards your dreams! Lagoon's most popular model 620 takes you on a unique journey with its spacious interior and living spaces.
2,000,000 €

2005 Ferretti Custom Line 94

Ferretti Custom Line 94 2005 Seasonal maintenance has been done and it is in very good condition. Enjoy your journey with the renewed Flybridge.
2,100,000 €

2013 Princess 56

2013 Princess 56 is an excellent boat with 3 cabins each more stylish than the other and capable of accommodating up to 6 guests. It is designed for the comfort of you and your guests with its wide flybridge and deck areas.
895,000 €

2004 Ferretti 590

Ferretti 590, with two MAN engines, offers you a great performance with a cruising speed of 32 knots and a maximum speed of 35 knots.
570,000 €

2006 Fairline Phantom 46

2006 Model Fairline Phantom 46 - It is a popular model with 3 cabin + 1 crew cabin layout. It has a wide flybridge for rest and entertainment.
360,000 €

2010 Custom Make 141 FT

This wonderful yacht of 46 meters, model 2010, has been extensively refitted from 2019 to 2021. This yacht has Turkish Loyd. It has been transformed into a much more modern yacht.
9,500,000 €

2001 Sunseeker Manhattan 64

This unique motor yacht bearing the signature of Sunseeker. With its airy and bright interior, it is the perfect boat for you and your family.
550,000 €

2021 Dromeas D28 CC

With this wonderfully designed boat, the wide deck area will give you the freedom to enjoy fishing, diving and water sports. The deep V hull achieves top speeds of up to 45 knots, providing a comfortable driving performance. Enjoy the speed and driving moments!
115,000 €

2005 Custom Made Italian hull

2005 Custom Made Italian hull. The material is Fiberglass.
250,000 €